John Armstrong is an Australian oboist and oboe maker. He studied oboe at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and was appointed Principal English Horn with Orchestra Victoria (Melbourne, Australia) in 1992. Whilst performing in Orchestra Victoria, John was the Howarth technician and dealer in Australia. His teachers include Josef Hanic, Anne Gilby, Michael Winfield (UK) and Barry Davis (UK). Johns interest in making oboes began in the 1980s after a visit to the UK Howarth oboe factory. A two-year apprenticeship at Howarths factory followed, as he learned every facet of oboe making, from body and key making, to finishing the instruments to exacting European standards. In Australia, John collaborated with Tony Ward (formerly of Boosey and Hawkes, London) to produce a Continental-style Gillet system oboe the Armstrong Ward oboe (AW). Since 2011, John has been working on multiple manufacturing projects to help make oboe playing a more affordable and rewarding experience. In 2014, he re-launched AW oboes as Armstrong Werth after consulting with European oboists and dealers. His designs use quality imported and local components and incorporate the latest manufacturing methods to guarantee






2017年青岛国际双簧管 艺术节

2017年青岛国际双簧管 艺术节......

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